Teachers required

Welcome and thanks for thinking about a career at ADLS. Applying and pursuing a professional career at ADLS is just not about financial gain, rather, its more about increasing self-belief, polishing your interpersonal skills and taking it to the next level. As a teaching professional you will have a great opportunity to boost your teaching career. You will have access to the variety of resources to enhance your skills level in field of academics, personality and character development and pass the same to your students. The ADLS will conduct different set of programs, performance appraisals, seminars and hands on training to increase your skills, knowledge and professionalism for the best output and to increase your teaching experience and exposure level. Your hard work, dedication, discipline and honesty will be encouraged and rewarded with and through different incentives programs. Please be mindful that teaching at ADLS you will have to accept the zero tolerance approach on many aspects of behaviour, discipline and curriculum structure.
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ADLS always welcomes for deserving candidates. Please send your CV.

Base salary, transportation allowance and incentives (Performance Based).

Salary structure will be based upon your education, work experience and the IP and communication level. 

Job Description

  • You will be teaching/tutoring a maximum group of 20-25 students in groups to focus more on highly interactive style of teaching to increase the coordination with students and increase their concentration level.
  • You will be responsible to implement all the curriculum and academic activities with time based management.
  • You will be assessing every students ability, weaknesses and strength and report to the school principal on monthly basis. 
  • You will be writing progress reports of all the students about their academic and personal behaviour and report it to the principal and further forward to the parents.
  • As an educator you will be responsible to maintain the discipline in the class and help children to improve their mental, physical and psychological well-being.
  • You will have to adhere all the guidelines, attending all the training sessions study all the teaching material to improve your teaching skills and experience.

To opt for above job you need to posses following

  • You must have fluent English speaking competency.
  • Minimum 5 years of teaching experience with Bachelor of Education from a well reputed university/Institution.
  • Having excellent communication and listening skills time management and can-do attitude.
  • To uphold the honesty, discipline and integrity is a must with full dedication towards your job.
  • Ability to get most out of any student, controlling their behaviour and maintaining the discipline.

For the next step and to apply for the position available please upload your resume/cv or email it to jobs@theadls.com